Covid-19 Recovery Resources

COVID-19 has been massively disruptive for Australia’s international education sector. For government, providers, business, and for current and future students. As Australia gets infection rates under control, we’re turning our minds to the road to recovery. We can’t put international education on hold forever. Students can’t put their futures on hold forever.

Our COVID-19 Recovery Resources are designed to keep the sector informed about the road to recovery. We draw on our COVID-19 University Response Tracker, our hours of conversations with international students across the country, and our expert analysis and insight, to chart the road ahead.

University Interactive Map


We’ve produced this interactive map to keep Australia’s higher education sector up to date with key
information as Australian universities continue to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis.  In the first
iteration of our map, we provided updates on the transition of our universities towards a remote
learning environment.  As Australia cautiously lifts social isolation measures, universities are carefully
planning a staged return to face-to-face delivery. Our interactive map charts this transition in real-


We update this information weekly, drawing on the latest university announcements and website updates.  All information is derived direct from university websites.


Any misleading representation is unintentional.  Help us to keep this map as accurate in real time as possible.  Please notify us of any required updates here.


We’re all in this together.

 Expert Analysis and Commentary

We’re thinking deeply about what Australia’s international education sector looks like on the other side
of COVID-19. Drawing on our analysis of global international education data and the deep insights
Australia’s international students are sharing with us, check out our latest thinking.


We will recover. How we prepare and plan for that recovery will shape the future of international
education in Australia.


Impact Series

We know that while we are indeed all in this together, we all have different stories to tell. This series explores some of the thousands of stories about how this crisis has changed student lives – and what they need to help them get through this difficult time. ​

Australia’s international students have been deeply impacted by the current global crisis. Our international education sector is facing its biggest challenge yet. In our Student Impact Series, we hear from international students themselves about how lives and studies are impacted by COVID 19. ​

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